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rescue questions

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PostSubject: rescue questions   Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:24 am

just curious really

1) how do people become home-checkers? and do you have to break the bad news to people who don't pass?

2) how do people become fosters? I'd willingly offer for short term, emergency fostering (for dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits - tho g-pigs and rabbits would need to look at housing situation), but as I work full time feel I'd get turned away (plus would also have to be dog-freindly), but most places seem to want people who are home all day.

I understand the resaoning behind it - training/assesment but there can't be that many people who are home all day?
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PostSubject: Re: rescue questions   Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:29 am

1) Try if you have not done a homecheck before to tag along with another member in the same area or ask a local rwescue if you can attend a local homecheck or two. The rescue should break any bad news to potential homes if needed. Homecheckers should fill in a form, ask questions but not really give opinions or assumptions, just report back to the rescue.

2) A fosterer will need a homecheck like if one was adopting. Emma you have passed previously so as long as you had space for a 3rd dog then that would be ok for me however some rescues will want to do their own homecheck to check themselves. Full time worker might be an issue for some rescues. Or you can do is offer.

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PostSubject: Re: rescue questions   Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:30 am

Here's my answers but a rescue will probably explain their reasoning.

1) No you dont break the news, you normally just fill in a form and send it to the rescue who then decide based on what you've said as to whether theyre suitable for that specific animal and call them to tell them.

2) You need a homecheck to become a fosterer
I would have thought for the guineas etc working full time wouldnt matter but you probably would get turned away for dogs.

Hope that helps
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PostSubject: Re: rescue questions   Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:54 am

I'd like to just add, in terms of homechecking there are two ways to go about it:

The RSPCA runs homechecking courses across the country, and it is possible to enroll on one to learn about what it involves.

It is also possible to 'tag along' with other, experienced homecheckers who can mentor you. They can go through what the rescue expects you to do, what questions you will need to ask/forms to fill in, and what you need to look for in/outside of the home. You then have the opportunity to see it 'in practice'. This can be a great help because sometimes very personal questions need to be asked, and it is useful to see how other homecheckers approach these.

If 'tagging along' we would always recommend you gain experience doing at least two or three homechecks with someone more experienced until you feel confident enough to carry them out yourself. If offering it is also important to let the rescue know that you are a new homechecker as they may require someone more experienced with certain cases. They may also be able to give you additional invaluable advice and support when you are just starting out.

We do have a 'homechecking guide' on here that is worth reading through and are developing a 'New Homechecker Information Pack' that we can send to people with more information about the process and some useful hints and tips.

Hope that helps! Thumb
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PostSubject: Re: rescue questions   Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:07 am

For fostering, it depends on the rescue, the individual animal (type/character) and the length of stay needed.

Although a lot of rescues wont allow fosters to go to homes where someone isn't at home for most of the day, don't assume that you'd automatically be turned away, particularly for short term fostering.

There may be occasions when a rescue needs a short term fosterer for an overnight stay, or a day or two that falls across the weekend, for instance.

It's definitely still worth keeping an eye out. If you do see an animal that requires a foster and you feel, given your circumstances, you can offer everything that that individual animal needs then by all means offer because you never know. Smile

I've just found this too (it was a discussion from a while ago about fostering while working full time) that might be worth a read. Thumb
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PostSubject: Re: rescue questions   

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rescue questions

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